Anilox Rollers

Anilox Rollers

At GRUPO GEVISA we have high quality rollers and sleeves for flexographic and gravure, as well as different types of engravings and coatings.

¡Anilox Rollers of the CTS Industries brand!

Quality in Anilox Rollers since 1980.

Complete productos that including base, ceramic coating and engraved pattern.


Engraving Types

Hexagonal Engraving

Tri-Helical Engraving

Elongated Engraving


Sleeves and Bridges for Flexography

Innovative products in response to the needs of the flexographic printing industry.

¡We offer Anilox Roller Washing Service!

Anilox roller washing service for any size. We guarantee improvements in the performance of your rollers after using our services.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Roller Washing

We offer the following products for the anilox rollers washing process.


These chemicals are easy to apply. Its formula is effective in removing UV and water-based inks. Deep penetration, without damaging the cells.

Cleaning Brushes

Copper and steel bristle brushes for cleaning anilox rollers.