WEILBURGER Graphics from Germany is a specialized manufacturer of water-based (acrylic) and UV coatings, both for special effects and food grade coatings.

SENOLITH WB Water-based coating is ideal for coating folding, blister, corrugated packaging, wrapping paper, adhesive labels, books, magazines and brochures.

Water-based coatings give external and internal protection to your prints, they also provide visual, tactile, and aromatic finishes.


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  • SENOLITH WB: Water-based dispersion coatings with a matt effect up to a high gloss.
  • SENOLITH UV: UV-cured coatings with matte effect up to high gloss.
  • SENOLITH FP: Water-based coatings for packaging for use in food and goods sensitive to odors.
  • SENOSCREEN: UV coatings for screen printing.
  • SENOSOFT: Dispersion and UV coatings with tactile effect.
  • SENOSAFE BP: Dispersion and UV coatings for brand protection.
  • SENOFLEX WB: Water-based varnishes for flexographic printing.
  • SENOBOND WB: Water-based adhesive coating for laminated, and folding boxes
  • SENOBOND OB: Oil-based adhesives for cold foil.