Flexo Inks

At Grupo Gevisa, we have available water-based and UV inks for flexographic application, we distribute our products in the entire Central American market.

Chespa Inks for Flexo Printing


Flexi - Water-based flexographic inks.

For the printing of various types of paper substrates (absorbent, kraft, coated, corrugated cardboard, bags, tissue) and activated film substrates.

In this range of products, we also have ink series for printing food packaging, notebook lines, or water-dilutable dye for adhesives.

Qiuvi - Series of inks for flexographic labels and packaging.

Designed for printing on a wide range of paper and flexible substrates, as well as metallic films with coating and aluminum. 

They are characterized by high intensity, brightness, good printing capacity, and short curing time, which allows for high printing speeds.