LAMINA is recognized around the world for its innovative approach in its entire range of products, to build compact and easy-to-use machines.

It is a leading global supplier of sheet-to-sheet laminating / mounting and gluing machines.

Since the mid-eighties, this manufacturer has been marketing laminating equipment for the printing industry, corrugated cardboard and folding.

Lamina fabricates three models of laminate machinery:


Standard model for semi-automatic or fully automatic pop machines.

Produces up to 3,000 sheets / hr with a single operator.

With two different feeders to choose from, 800mm bottom sheet and 50mm top sheet, or 1600mm bottom sheet and 800mm top sheet.


High speed packaging machines called FAS.
Produces up to 6,000 sheets / hr in three different sizes: 1100 x 100mm, 1400x 1600 x 2000mm.


Produces 5,000 sheets / hr with edge-to-edge registration. It has a new patented registration system.

Lamina Glueline

The Lamina Glueline is a fully automatic non-stop gluing and folding machine for one piece or two piece boxes.

The machine works with two heavy duty vacuum controlled belt feeders which feed in the one or two pieces.

By using Lamina’s registration system and non-stop feeder, the machine is extremely e ective for two piece boxes. The Glueline can work with hot-melt, cold glue or a combination of both. 

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