Chemicals for Pressroom

Chemicals for Offset Pressroom

In Grupo GEVISA we have all the basic chemicals for the proper functioning of the press.

  • Fountain Solution
  • Washer for Rollers and Blankets
  • UV Washer

Fountain Solution

  • One-stop source solution suitable for use with low or no IPA levels. It is suitable for web press application and can be used with conventional and UV-H-UV inks.
  • Suitable for sheetfed presses of all formats. Proven performance on all kinds of papers, including cardboard and for CtP and conventional plates.

Blanket and Roller Washer

  • Blanket and roller washer for conventional inks, with a very economical price. Low volatility scrubber for manual and automatic washing.
  • Due to its low flash point, its consumption is low and the low evaporation protects the environment and the operators.
  • It’s safe for all types of printing plates

Lavador UV80

  • It is a powerful washer for conventional inks and all types of UV inks, to wash rollers and blankets in sheetfed machines.
  • SICOLOR UV80 is a low volatility scrubber for automatic and manual application.
  • SICOLOR UV80 is completely miscible in water.

Anti-Paint Powder

  • It is available in three grades: Fine, Medium and Coarse.
  • It’s of plant origin, made of natural starch, free of genetically modified organic material (GMO) and it is not harmful to health.
  • Its round and regular-sized particles provide a low
    consumes dust and a clean work environment.
  • SICOLOR anti-paint powder is suitable for all types of sprayers used on the market.