Valiani embodies the excellence of Italian engineering. Sturdy machinery for the packaging and printing industries, along with efforts to train industry partners to process a variety of materials. Discover the range of top-quality cutting solutions for your business with Valiani.

Conoce los equipos de corte que ofrece Valiani

Plotter de corte
Plotter de corte
Plotter de corte


Compact cutting machine with invincible versatility

  1. Prototyping and Sampling
  2. Short-run packaging
  3. Die and Kiss-cutting on stickers and thick adhesives
  4. Capacity to process a large variety of materials
  5. Cuts up to 20 mm


Dual-head die-cutting machine

  1. Cutting, creasing, drawing, kiss-cutting, v-cutting
  2. Operator friendly, ideal to be combined with flatbed printers
  3. From short to medium runs
  4. Cuts up to 20 mm in thickness
  5. No need to resort to the die-cutting process


Milling, cutting and creasing in one single solution

  1. Milling, Cutting, Creasing, Kiss cutting, V-Cutting
  2. Equippable with a 1 KW router
  3. Effective on acrylic, Alu-dibond composite, thick PVC forex
  4. Compatible with flatbed printers
  5. From small to large formats


Auto feed die cutting machine

  • Automatic and really independent workflow – 24/7
  • Perfect cutting and creasing on a wide range of media up to 12 mm
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    20-cm capacity feeder, conveyor belt and catch tray
  • From A4 to B1 format