Nilpeter Machinery


Nilpeter with clearly defined machine lines for high-performance printing.

Their machines produce the full spectrum of labels and packaging from all kinds of materials, providing you with maximum performance, business value, and flexibility.

Advancing further in the concept of label presses, all Nilpeter machines are part of unique lines, making it easy to select the press that suits your business needs.

Official distribution of Nilpeter machinery in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, and Honduras.

FA Line

The FA-Line is the most versatile flexo press on the market – designed to accommodate the printer’s ever-growing needs, and built around the modern print operator, with an intuitive user interface and fully mobile print controls.

FB Line

The FB-Line represents the latest generation of highly efficient label printing. 

Nilpeter has added a large number of innovative features and packaged the machine in an attractive, new design. 

The new FB-Line is an answer to the request for increased automation, higher ease of use, and operator friendliness.